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All about Gusto and Mariah



Gusto (“Goo-stoh”, spanish for “nice” or “like”, as in “Mucho Gusto”- “Nice to meet you”)

  • Male Neutered, 10yo Shar Pei/Labrador/mutt mix

  • Estimated DOB: 1/1/2014. While his DOB is not known for sure, we do know it was around this time.

  • 47lbs, short black fur with brown brindle legs and paws, curled tail 



  • Female Spayed, 9yo German Shepherd/Labrador mix

  • Estimated DOB: 10/1/2015. Mariah’s DOB is a little more unknown, but she is definitely somewhere between 8 and 9 years old. 

  • 62lbs, short to medium black fur, shepherd body conformation

Gusto and Mariah's Embark Breed Results:


In general, Gusto and Mariah should not go to a home with cats.

Particularly Gusto has shown some scary aggression toward our cats when guarding food or when he has been startled by them. Most of the time, he ignores them. Mariah is very interested in cats and loves to chase them. 

For very particular situations, I would be willing to rehome them in a household with a cat(s), however this would require some serious consideration- please do reach out if you think you have a cat and household situation which might be okay. 

Veterinary/Health Information

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