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We need a new home

We're a bonded pair and must be adopted together

In June of 2021, Robert Max Lind died unexpectedly in his longtime home of Prescott, Arizona. He has three adult children- Jasmine, Travis, and myself, Maggie. As we all grew up and moved away from home, Robert became a self proclaimed “dog dad” and cherished his two dogs Gusto and Mariah. He enjoyed spending the bulk of his free time with them and he was very proud of them. At the hospital, during our dad’s last days, I promised our dad we would make sure that G + M were well taken care of, no matter what the future held. Immediately after his death, my mother Heidi (divorced from Robert for 25 years) agreed to take Gusto and Mariah in temporarily. We had several discussions with friends and family, trying to think of who might be able to adopt them. Finally the decision was made that my partner Joe and I would move from our apartment to a house in Denver which could accommodate G + M as well as our 2 year old Border Collie, Sedona, and our two cats. It was going to be a lot of commotion and pet fur, but we were excited. Unfortunately, a couple months after taking them in, the dogs started engaging in dangerous dog fights. Both Joe and I have been injured in attempts to break up the dog fights. Sedona was always involved, and most likely one of the instigators. Since these fights have occurred, (there have been 4) Sedona has become more and more dog aggressive- we no longer allow her to meet other dogs, and she needs to live in a single dog household. Gusto and Mariah have never fought each other. 


We have had our house separated into two divided sections with an accordion style pet gate for over a year, which is how we have been able to keep Gusto and Mariah in our care and keep them separate from Sedona. As we look ahead at having children someday, and just for the general safety of the pets and humans in general, we can’t keep doing this forever. The decision to rehome Gusto and Mariah has been absolutely heartbreaking for me. They are my deceased father’s dogs… what makes it okay, and happy even, is thinking about the end result. The end result is that Gusto and Mariah live out their golden years in a loving home with hooman(s) who want to give them everything they deserve, and who are excited for the companionship that two sweet older dogs want to give in return. 

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